First Visit

What Sets Us Apart

We understand that your child might be scared of going to the dentist. Our absolute goal is to provide an environment where your child feels at ease and is understood.

When you arrive, our administrative team will have been briefed on your primary concern and personally ready to serve you. We will promptly alert the doctor's assistant, who has also been prepared to meet you, introduce you to the doctor, and assist you in the care of your child.

In the waiting room, our movie theater is available to entertain your child. Once in the dental chair, they will enjoy our personal video entertainment systems with a selection of movies that are appropriate for children.

As always, we remain committed to providing your child with a Registered Dental Assistant that we have specifically trained to relate to your child.

Treating your child in a safe environment is their utmost focus. A dedicated assistant will be with you and your child from the moment care begins, through treatment, and until all of your questions and concerns are answered.

Preventive health is a family affair. We encourage parents to be engaged in the treatment process and accompany their child as needed.